Perfectly Frank

Perfectly Frank

Frank Axtell - guitars, guitar synthesizer, piano, keyboard synthesizers, vocals, bass, drum and percussion sequencing

Alaine Plouffe - drums and percussion and inspiration

Sergio Ciazzo - electric fretless and freted six string basses

Kelly McClain - strange voices on "Bacon Grease"

Special thanks to: Robert and Elena Axtell, Kimberly Edinger, Kelly and Michelle McClain, Dan Jenkins, Ken Ruf, Scotty Carrol, Randy Ward, Ilkin Deniz, Larry Marshall, Kevin Kaufman, Chip Mills, Yvon Plouffe, Vincent Bredice, Andy Layton, Abel Pabon, Gustavo Calle, Randy Ward, and Jesus Christ!

  • Produced by Frank Axtell
  • Engineered by Frank Axtell
  • Recorded at Digital Soundscapes Studios
  • Photography and graphics by Kelly McClain
  • Mastered by Preston Smith

©1999 - 2002


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Sector A

Blues For Tres

Ana Maria


Bacon Grease

On South Beach

April Joy

Mr. Davis


Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers

For Pat

Rio de Suenos

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