Seven is ...

Frank Axtell - All guitars, drums and percussion. Also all keyboards and synthesizers. All sequencing including lead vocals in duet with Chip on "Mind of Christ".

Chip Mills - All lead and background vocals with the exception of the duet performance with Frank on "Mind of Christ". Spoken words from the scriptures. Steel string acoustic guitar on "For the Love in You". Piano on "Falling" and "The Wrath". All the low frequency stuff (Bass, etc.) and an occasional synthesizer thing here and there.

Special thanks to our good friend and brother in Christ, Ken Ruf for lending (His bad self) organ performance on "I Don't Know Why", the piano solo on "What Gives in America", the underlying organ textures on "Mind of Christ", and the synthesizer solo that brings on "The Wrath". Good work bro! Glory to God for giving you such talent.

All songs composed, arranged, produced, and engineered via gracious divine appointment by Frank Axtell and Chip Mills at Soundscapes Studios, West Palm Beach, Florida.

  • Cover concept and design - Kelly McClain
  • Mastering - Bob Guertin of Sounds Great Studios, Boca Raton, FL.
  • Additional Mastering and pre - CD mastering - Russ Bishop of BMC Records, Seattle, WA.
  • Final Mastering - Steve Miles, WBP, FL

Let us not forget, we all appear courtesy of His Divine Kingship - Jesus Christ. Forever let us be thankful to be in Union with Him!

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The Father

God Is Love

I Don't Know Why

Our Hearts In Your Hands

For The Love In You


What Gives In America

Out On Your Own

We Belong To Jesus

Mind Of Christ

Sweet Tears


Your Light Has Come

Son Of Light

Where Can You Run

Confession And Forgiveness

The Wrath

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