Guitar Instruction

Palm Beach Guitar

Pitches, Scales, Intervals, Chords, Meter & Rhythm, Conducting, Ear-Training & Sight-Singing, Solfège, Score-Reading, Dictation, Transposition, Chord Progressions / Roman Numerals, Form & Analysis, Applied Harmony (Diatonic & Chromatic), Guitar /Keyboard Harmony

Frank Axtell is now taking new students in Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced student Levels. Don't Miss Out! Also makes for a good holiday gift!

  • Understand the "science" of music.
  • Master practical musicianship skills. Ex. Rock gig, jazz gig, studio session,
  • Read and analyze music scores; learn to conduct, to read the printed page with minimal effort and speed.
  • Hear the score in your head when you read it; reproduce it vocally outloud!
  • Document your musical ideas from your head to paper, without an instrument at your disposition.
  • Memorize lengthy printed musical scores with minimal effort.
  • Transpose written scores into different keys; harmonize with chords and chord progressions.

Beginner Student Overview:

  • Note reading in first position
  • Nicolo Pagannini's "Perpetual Motion"
  • 15 major scales & their harmonizations / chords
  • Proper techniques for both hands
  • Rhythmic notation studies

Intermediate Student Overview:

  • Note reading in all positions
  • "The Two Part Inventions" by J. S. Bach
  • 15 harmonic minor scales & their harmonizations / chords
  • The Diatonic Modes
  • More Rhythmic Notation Studies / triplet and sixteenth note syncopation
  • Jazz and Pop standards

Advanced Student Overview:

  • Joe Diorio "Fusion" jazz guitar solos
  • Chord Melodies
  • Classical guitar studies by J. S. Bach
  • The synthetic modes
  • The blues
  • Charlie Parker's "The Omni Book"
  • Diminished Half / Whole and Whole / Half Tone Scales
  • Whole Tone Scales
  • John Coltrane's "Giant Steps"

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Live Shows

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